CCG Autumn meeting 2020

The British Crystallographic Association Chemical Crystallography Group (CCG) are hosting their Autumn Meeting on Wednesday 18th November 2020. The event will run over one day and will be held this year in a virtual format. 

The Autumn meeting confirmed speakers include: plenary speaker Dr Rachel Crespo-Otero from Queen Mary University of London and, winner of the CCDC Chemical Crystallography Prize for Younger Scientists 2020, Dr Karen Robertson from the University of Nottingham.

The day will also include selected talks from the Chemical Crystallography community. Check back regularly to see our updated programme!

The AGM of the CCG will be held at this meeting.

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Programme for the CCG Autumn Meeting

10:00 am Start and welcome

10:15 Autumn meeting Plenary: Rachel Crespo-Otero, Queen Mary University of London 

11.00 Ed Broadhurst, University of Edinburgh

 Polymorph evolution during crystal growth studied by 3D electron diffraction

11:30 Eleanor Jones, University of Strathclyde 

Polymorphism and compression of isonicotinamide

12:00 Lunch

13:15 CCDC CCG Younger Scientist Prize winner Karen Robertson, University of Nottingham 

14:00 Rebecca Scatena, University of Oxford 

Formate-mediated magnetic superexchange in the model hybrid perovskite [(CH3)2NH2]Cu(HCOO)3

14:30 Rosemary Young, University of Nottingham

Investigating reactive metal complexes in Metal-Organic Frameworks

15:00 Tea break

15:30 Nick Funnell, ISIS

Squeezing ROY; conformational polymorphs under pressure

16:00 CCG AGM and AOB

16:45 Close/Virtual pub

Registration for Autumn Meeting 2020

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