Following elections held at the Annual General Meeting at the BCA spring Meeting 2024, the composition of the Committee of the Chemical Crystallography Group is as follows:


Dr Hamish Yeung (Uni. of Birmingham, 2024—2027)
E: [email protected]
Deputy Chair
Dr Helena Shepherd (Uni. of Kent, 2021—2025)

E: [email protected]
Secretary / Treasurer
Dr Louise Male (Uni. Birmingham, 2024-2027)

E: [email protected]


CCG representative to the BCA Council
Dr Natalie Pridmore (Uni. of Bristol, 2023—2026)
Education Representative
Dr Anuradha Pallipurath (Uni. of Leeds, 2022—2025)
Early Stage Crystallographers Group (ESCG) Representative
Stephen Brown (Uni. of Warwick, 2024—2027)
Webmaster & Social Media Rep.
Dr Adam Michalchuk (Uni. of Birmingham, 2024—2027)
Ordinary Member & BCA Bursaries Representative
Dr Lucy Saunders (Diamond Light Source, 2022—2025)
Ordinary Member
Dr Amy Hall (Durham Uni., 2024—2027)
Ordinary Member
Dr Toby Blundell (Durham Uni., 2024—2027) 
Ordinary Member
Dr David Cordes (Uni. of St Andrews, 2024—2027)
Ordinary Member
Dr Tony Keene (University College Dublin, 2023—2026)